At Traslagares, since the construction of the winery, we set wines of the best possible quality, betting on sustainability and controlling the impact on the environment. For this reason, we carry out a series of careful practices with these values:

A smart


The winery has two buildings that are integrated into its surroundings. The first, in the traditional style of adobe and solid brick, houses the offices, tasting room and laboratory. The second is a modern warehouse half-buried in a hill and it is where the state-of-the-art machinery that we use to make the wine is located. 

We take advantage of the unevenness of the land to locate the hopper, the presses and the different tanks necessary for each process at different heights. We use gravity instead of mechanical drive. 

In addition, being semi-buried, we have achieved a natural insulation that favors the stability and suitability of the temperature.