Our wines

From the tradition inherited from our grandparents

The wines

All the wines from the Traslagares winery are white with the Rueda designation of origin. Our vineyard area is 35 hectares, of which 1.5 are Sauvignon Blanc and the rest of the native variety, Verdeja. Most of our vines are over twenty years old and are divided into three payments: Traslagares, Torreón and Papín.

The secret of our wines is a combination of the quality of our grapes, obtained through careful care of the vineyards and dedicated and professional production. The difference in temperature between day and night balances the sugar that the grape gains from the sun and the acidity that it stay during the cool nights.

The lenth of both fermentation and aging on the lees is determined by our winemaker based on the characteristics of the wine and its evolution.